Regatta Review #172

Thursday, July 19, 2012

It's A Wrap!

The 103rd running of the APBA Gold Cup is now in the history books!

Here are the results of the final heat:

1) 1  Spirit of Qatar 96, Dave Villwock
2) 6  Oh Boy! Oberto, Steve David
3) 37 Miss Beacon Plumbing, J. Michael Kelly
4) 9  Miss Al Deeby Chrysler, Jon Zimmerman
5) 57, Jarvis Fire-Water Repair, Mark Evans
6) 5  Graham Trucking, Jimmy Shane

Thanks to all our Fans, Sponsors, Vendors, the Detroit Yacht Club, and of course all the Participants and DRRA Volunteers!

Gold Cup News Articles And Videos To Enjoy

Quake On The Lake - This Weekend!

We want to let local race fans know about the Limited Inboard hydroplane race coming up THIS WEEKEND in Waterford at the Pontiac Lake Recreation Area.  Parking is about $8 and admission is about $10.

The Limited classes are smaller than the Gold Cup raceboats but they're expecting a large turnout of race boats because they are hosting the UIM World Championship event and there will be some exciting racing! See

It's a wonderful venue and event, and I'll be there as a fan myself. It's a very kid-friendly event and they have some good bands lined up too.

As an extra highlight, Ken Warby - fastest man on water - will be the Honorary Chairman of the event. Ken set the water speed record in 1978 at 317.60 in the Spirit Of Australia in a jet-thrust powered hydroplane (no propeller).

The Geico Offshore Boat

Fans may remember seeing the Geico Offshore boat at our event in past years, recently it was a victim of a fire while racing and is believed to be a total loss. Mark and Scotty tried to put out the fire but soon abandoned ship and are fine.

Thanks To Our Readers

Thanks to all our newsletter subscribers for being a part of the Gold Cup, and to those of you that introduced yourself and thanked me individually... I really appreciate it.

Now that the event is over the newsletter will be less frequent. We'll still let you know when important events come up, and when the Gold Cup will be shown on TV in the Fall.

In the meantime, stay tuned to H1 for all the series news.

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