Regatta Review #180

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

We had a couple timely announcements come in just after I sent the last newsletter, so this makes for the second issue in two days. Together with watching the Gold Cup TV replay today, it feels busy like race week!

The 2013 Detroit APBA Gold Cup

The dates for the 2013 APBA Gold Cup have been set!

We hope to see you there -- July 12th-14th, 2013

Tri-Cities and Seattle TV Schedule

The schedule for the Tri-Cities and Seattle race TV coverage has just been posted by H1 Unlimited.

For those of us in the Fox Sports Detroit viewing area, the Tri-Cites race is Thursday November 1st at 5:00pm, with a replay Tuesday November 6th. The Seattle race will be shown Thursday November 8th at 5:00pm, with a replay Tuesday November 13th.

For other viewing areas see the full schedule:

Coniston Records Week Coming Up Quick

Since 1970, England has hosted an annual powerboat speed week as a finale to the race season, and this year two entries from the United States will be making history, vying for the record books, and thrilling race fans thanks to global boat transport leader Peters & May.

Coniston Records Week (November 5-9) is the only event in powerboat racing to bring together all classes in the sport; from the smallest hydros, through inshore circuit racers to the largest offshore boats. And this year, speed freaks from around the world will be treated to the first appearance ever of an Unlimited Hydroplane plying English waters.

The full story at H1 Unlimited:

U-11 Peters & May FaceBook page:

The Coniston Records Week web site:

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