Regatta Review #184

Friday, February 8, 2013

 The First Race of 2013 is Here Already!

This snuck up on me ... the first race of the season begins today, February 8th! After the December race in Doha, Qatar, they left the boats there for this season opening race.

A full schedule can be found here along with a cross-reference for Doha time to Pacific time (add 3 hours for Eastern time):

Friday is Qualifying and Heat 1, Saturday is Heats 2 & 3, and then on Tuesday Heat 4 and the Final will be held.

In Eastern time it looks like Heat 1 will begin at 7:30am Friday, Saturday's heats begin at 5am, and then Tuesday's action at 4am.

Great Video Coverage of the 2012 Doha Event

Wow, check this out! A very nice 30 minute video of the December 2012 race in Doha:

This is some onboard video from the U-96 at the same event, it gets interesting about the 3 minute mark.

In a statement Monday, Ellstrom Racing issued an apology for events which occurred at the 2012 Oryx Cup UIM World Championship  in Doha, Qatar in January.

Team owner Erick Ellstrom said, "In the heat and frustration of racing, things happened on the race course in Doha that should not have.  On behalf of our entire organization, I want to offer our sincere apology to our race officials, our sponsor, our fans and anyone else who was disappointed or inconvenienced by the events that took place ."

Ellstrom added, "All that's left to do now is put an unfortunate situation behind us and move forward with an assurance to everyone who follows our great sport that Ellstrom Racing will continue to hold every one of our team members to a high standard of conduct and sportsmanship."

Save The Date - DYC Auction

The Detroit Yacht Club Fundraiser Auction will be held April 27th, be sure to save the date!

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