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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The 2013 Gold Cup will be a Two Day Event

Here It Comes: The APBA Gold Cup July 13-14, 2013
From Tom Bertolini, DRRA President

There's still a chill in the air but the Detroit River Regatta Association is busy planning for the 104th annual APBA Gold Cup on the Detroit River. Once again the H1 Unlimited fleet will race for the oldest trophy in motor sports.

This year we will host a two-day event: Saturday, July 13th and Sunday, July 14th. The emphasis will be on non-stop racing action during those two days.

The shortened schedule will pick up the pace, save resources and limit the demand for city services during this challenging period in Detroit. We promise fans an unforgettable, action-packed two days!

The H1 Unlimited hydroplanes will again be the stars of the show. We are talking with Offshore and other racing divisions about support classes as well.

Teams can begin setting up in the hot pits as they arrive from Madison, IN. On Friday, our plan is for all ticket-holders to be able to present any 2013 event ticket at the gate, receive an armband and be able to tour the cold pit area.

Non-stop racing begins on Saturday.

Testing and Qualifying will begin at 8:00 AM, followed by two hours qualifying for the pole position. Heats 1 A, B and C will be followed by Heats 2 A, B and C on Saturday afternoon.

On Sunday, Heats 3A and 3B are followed by Heats 4A and 4B.

Then, the exciting Gold Cup Final closes out the action-packed weekend.

Don't miss this summer's APBA Gold Cup race!

For more information, please visit or call 586-774-0980.

The Gold Cup / DYC Gala is Coming Up Quick

The APBA Gold Cup Gala fundraiser at the Detroit Yacht Club is coming up fast!  Next Saturday, April 27th.

This is a wonderful annual event that fills the very formal second floor at the DYC from end-to-end with great people, food and auction item displays. It is a strolling dinner with fruit & veggie tables and food stations with hand-carved roast beef and the DYC's signature mini crab cakes.

If you've never been to the DYC, you don't know what you're missing.

For more info about the gala visit and click on the gala image.

For more info on the DYC visit

Our Next Cleanup Day is This Saturday

We need your help in cleaning up the Dodge pit area and more!  We are looking for any volunteers that are interested in donating a few hours to help prep the race event areas. Please bring any garden tools that you can for the day.

In addition to mowing & ground clean-up we can use all the help we can get for cleaning, painting, light construction, & other jobs in the tower, judges stand & grandstands.

If interested please call the office at 586-774-0980 to let us know, this way we will be able to order the correct amount of
food and drinks for the lunch.

NOTE: Looking at the weather forecast for the 20th, it would probably be a good idea to call the office Friday to make sure it's still a go.

Need: Lawn/weed/whatever Clean Up Crew
Location: Dodge Pit Tower
Time: From 9am to 1pm with Lunch at 1pm (water, drinks, lunch and snacks will be provided)

Some Great Vintage Photos vis Unlimiteds Detroit

Unlimiteds Detroit is a local fan club and they have posted over 300 Vintage photos of the Unlimiteds from the Collection of Byron Lang. It's quite a collection - check it out!

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