Regatta Review #189

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The Detroit Yacht Club Gala

The Gala fundraiser at the DYC was a big success again! There was a full house with the DYC's great food and hospitality enjoyed by all. Many thanks to the DYC and it's members for supporting the Gold Cup race in such a big way!

Detroit Yacht Club Golf Outing

The DYC steps up again and will be hosting a golf outing on June 28th, with the proceeds to benefit the Gold Cup race. More information coming soon. Space is limited, if you'd like to reserve your spot please call (313) 824-1200.

Race Site Cleanup Kicks Into High Gear

We've made a lot of progress in the Pit Tower and Judges Stand areas but there is always more to do... if you can make it we'd love to see you! Cleaning, painting, bleacher repair, mowing and more are on our list.

We're down there every Saturday morning, with the dates for mowing listed below. If interested please call the office at 586-774-0980 to let us know, this way we will be able to order the correct amount of food and drinks for the lunch.

Need: Lawn/weed/whatever Clean Up Crew
Location: Dodge Pit Tower
Time: From 9am to 1pm with Lunch at 1pm (water, drinks, lunch and snacks will be provided)

* May 18
* June 1
* June 15
* June 29
* July 8 & 9 (Final Mowing Monday & Tuesday)

We'll also be doing some work this Wednesday, May 8, from 1-7pm. (No lunch provided this day)

Some Sad News

DRRA volunteer Dick Skibins passed away a few weeks ago. Dick was part of the group from the Parade Company. One of his last volunteer functions was the 2012 DRRA event. Just a great all- around kind of guy.

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