Regatta Review #190

Thursday, May 16, 2013

DYC Golf Outing

The DYC steps up again and will be hosting a golf outing on June 28th, with the proceeds to benefit the Gold Cup race.

The flyer and registration links have been posted on our home page:

The Online Ticket Store is Open

We've setup a new mobile-friendly online store, and it's ready to go! We just finished it and orders are already coming in.

Volunteer Kick-Off Party

The DRRA Volunteer Kick-Off party will be held the evening of June 12th at the Roostertail. If you were at last year's Kick-Off then you know how well Tom Schoenith and the Roostertail treat their guests. Be there!

Race Site Mowing - This Saturday

We've made a lot of progress in the Pit Tower and Judges Stand areas but there is always more to do... if you can make it we'd love to see you! Cleaning, painting, bleacher repair, mowing and more are on our list.

If interested please call the office at 586-774-0980 to let us know, this way we will be able to order the correct amount of food and drinks for the lunch.

Need: Lawn/weed/whatever Clean Up Crew
Location: Dodge Pit Tower
Time: From 9am to 1pm with Lunch at 1pm (water, drinks, lunch and
snacks will be provided)

* May 18
* June 1
* June 15
* June 29
* July 8 & 9 (Final Mowing Monday & Tuesday)

Is Villwock Retiring?
From the Unlimiteds Detroit Thunderboat magazine

Dave Villwock, the winningest driver in unlimited hydroplane history, was quoted in The Detroit News April 18th that he may be done with hydroplane racing. The ten time Gold Cup champion is quoted as saying "I think I'm all done with it".

Whether Dave meant that he was done racing for the Gold Cup in Detroit - since the article was in a Detroit paper - or that he was quitting hydroplane racing altogether is unclear.

Time will tell, but recent developments in his private life and his professional racing life may be factors in any decision the veteran driver makes.

Last year Dave was divorced and remarried, both life-changing experiences for anyone. On the race course, the winner of 67 races including 10 Gold Cups, left Qatar after the 2012 season finale with a burned out boat and a disqualification. He did not appear at the Doha race in February.

Age could be another factor in any decision Dave makes. He's approaching 60 and, although his reflexes still appear to be perfect, there comes a time when dancing with the devil for so long makes you think how lucky you've been, so far.

Whatever Dave decides, he's the winningest driver of all time, and no one can take that away from him, at least in the foreseeable future.

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