Regatta Review #196

Friday, June 28, 2013

Event Schedule Now Available

A tentative schedule for race weekend has been posted in the Fan Guide section of our web site. Click on Event Schedule here:

Note that this is a tentative schedule and it is expected that adjustments will be made.

Rick Springfield And Dennis DeYoung Concert

Thursday July 11 the Detroit Yacht Club will be having a concert featuring Rick Springfield and special guest Dennis DeYoung with the music of Styx.

This is a benefit for the Gold Cup race. Tickets start at $50. For more info call 313.824.1200 or visit

Cleanup Days Continue This Saturday - June 29th

We have made great progress but still have a lot of things to do!

Thanks to everyone for all the hard work that you have done so far this year. So far this year the team has done the following:

1. Cleaned and repaired overhead light fixtures to original condition

2. Re-painted the steel side treads from our favorite ugly blue to a nice dark brown color

3. Cleaned the stains and deposits on the bricks from years of water leaks

4. Cleaned 46 years of grunge off of the hand rails

What needs to be done to complete the task?

1. We could use some help to finishing up the interior stairwell.

2. Brush dirt out of the rubber treads on all stairs and vacuum up the loose dirt. There is a small shop vac on the 2nd floor for this.

3. Clean the rubber treads! They are quite filthy. There should be a can of SD20 cleaner sitting around. Or you can find some floor cleaner in the lower storage room at the tower. You may need to bring a stiff scrub brush with you.

4. Mop and clean the landings. Mop located in the utility room inside the front men's restroom.

5. We still need to get the trash cans prepped. Will have the saws and drills downtown to do the job.

6. We also need some help to clean and repair the PVC fencing.

Any help on these tasks would be greatly appreciated!

The next cleanup dates are July 8 & 9, then it is GO time!

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