Regatta Review #206

Monday, September 16, 2013

Jimmy Shane Wins Bayfair Final And Series Championship

The final began with drama in the score-up period when Steve David in the U-1 came from lane 2 into lane 1 and doused Jimmy Shane's U-5 with his roostertail, though that was ruled fair due to a proper five boat overlap by Steve.

Then just a half-lap later, Steve David barely jumped the start and handed the Bayfair win and season championship to Jimmy Shane. Steve led on the water but was actually a lap down.

For the full H1 story with a photo of the start:

Steve David To Retire

"He thrilled us with his bravery, flying by the Detroit Yacht Club and into the Roostertail Turn at more than 200 miles per hour.

He made us laugh with his self-effacing humor - even in bitter defeat.

Steve David, 59, never pulled a punch, refused an autograph request or eased off the gas when at the Detroit River.

David, one of power boat racing's all-time great drivers, will retire after this weekend's H1 Unlimited Hydroplane event in San Diego."

See Mike Brudenell's full story:

America's Cup Drama On Saturday

The America's Cup really went to the edge on Saturday. In the first race of the day Team New Zealand went to tack and almost rolled the boat over. Wow - check it out:

On Sunday the teams split the heat races 1-1, putting Team New Zealand ahead of Team USA with a score of 7-1 in the "first-to-9" series.

Racing resumes on Tuesday, here is the remaining schedule:

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