Regatta Review #207

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Congratulations To The DRRA Award Winners

All our DRRA volunteers are the BEST! Still, each year we like to recognize a number of volunteers or supporters who have gone above and beyond in their contributions.

Jack Love Award - The Detroit Yacht Club

President's Cup - Mariano "Skip" DiGiovanni

Fan Services - Steve Brandon

Event Operations - Teri Tate

Race Operations - Paul Guaresimo

Chairman's Choice:
- Bill and Laurie Lauth
- Jamie Dopke
- Randy Zettner
- Diane Rimar
- Jeffry White
- Lulu Smith

Our 2013 High School Media Group

Thirty students and advisors attended the 2013 Gold Cup Races as part of the High School Media Group. These students and advisors represented 10 high schools located in Southeast Michigan.

The High School Media students interviewed team owners, drivers and crew chiefs as well as board members of the DRRA. The videos were produced and edited by the students at their local High School. The video's were shared with students at the High Schools and shared in community newsletters and websites. A few video's were posted to YouTube where the total views reached into the 1000's.

The High School Media group will be returning for the 2014 Gold Cup Race!

To see one of the videos they made this year see:

See The Races on CBS Sports Network Starting This Weekend

The 2013 H1 Unlimited Hydroplane Series will begin airing on the CBS Sports Network as part of the CBS Sports Spectacular on Sunday, October 6 at 1:30pm Eastern Time (10:30am Pacific). The first race to be shown will be the one held in Doha, Qatar early in the year.

The Gold Cup is scheduled for 1:30PM ET on October 27th.

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