Regatta Review #223

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Great Article in the Detroit Free Press

Detroit Free Press Sports Writer, Mike Brudenell, recently wrote a great story about the Gold Cup event.

"I've dusted off my soapbox and here I go once again: If you don't get down to the Detroit River and watch the unlimited hydroplanes race in a couple weeks time, well, you'll have missed the best local sports action of the summer and a chance to support the city of Detroit."

For the full article see:

Volunteers Needed Wednesday July 2nd

We can use all the help that any DRRA person can help with. We are tidying up the race site and are about 80% done with the heavy stuff. This Wednesday the 2nd of July we are putting in the finger docks, the Med dock and the bridge to Piston Park. This is always a challenge with having enough young, spry men and ladies to help. Some of it just requires hooking and unhooking the cables for the crane that lifts them. Once a little training is done it is a real simple thing that just needs a lot of hands to get it done. This is a lunch day so come down even if you just want to watch the fun.

This Weekend - The H1 Season Starts in Madison!

Madison Indiana continues it's Fourth of July weekend tradition of hosting the Unlimited Hydroplanes on the Ohio River.

The Madison Regatta web site is:

Coverage of qualifying, heat draws, results and news will be provided on the H1 Facebook page and Twitter:

H1 has a new paid video streaming plan for 2014, and are offering a package deal for live coverage from 5 races:

H1 Rule Changes for 2014

The Unlimited NewsJournal has an exclusive interview with H1's Mike Noonan. He covers the rule changes for the 2014 season that starts in less than a week at the Madison Regatta. Find out what's in store for all the action this season. Is the Park and Start gone? Trolling? Minimum Speed Limits? What about fuel-flow & N2 rules? Video? H1 Officials?

Visit this link on the UNJ website:

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