Regatta Review #229

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Tom Bertolini Retires from the DRRA Board Of Directors

After many years of dedicated service, Tom Bertolini has stepped away from his position on the DRRA Board Of Directors. Tom put in a great deal of work throughout each year and just needs more time to put into his own endeavors. I suspect he won't be far away and will be helping the DRRA through the transition.

At the Gold Cup trophy presentation he received his unofficial shirt for next year, it reads "Tom Bertolini, Spectator".  :^)

The rest of the DRRA BoD, the DRRA volunteers and I'm sure our fans would like to thank Tom for his many years of hard work to ensure that the Gold Cup event survived in Detroit!

The HAPO Columbia Cup Race is This Weekend

After Friday qualifying, Jimmy Shane in the U-6 stands atop the qualifying ladder with a speed of 163.247 MPH with the U-1 and U-9 close behind.

For links to the coverage including live television and radio coverage with streaming, visit:

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